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Thursday, December 7, 1995 2:01:40 AM
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Some of you posting messages to the mailing list may have received a message from me to the effect of: Please use the newsgroup. Please note that this is a general message...same for everyone who posts. I'm trying to discourage the mailing list and encourage use of the newsgroup...it makes everything a lot saner. Please, for personal messages that you don't want to post here, e-mail someone singularly (not the list), and if you have something to post that you definitely want everyone to know about (e.g. a date for a reunion), then use the mailing list. Otherwise please use the newsgroup... even I'm starting to get annoyed with the volume of e-mail I'm getting...don't personally enjoy sorting through e-mail from everyone to find the important things I need to get. Thanks for putting up with this...and thanks for your support. Ed.
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