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From: Multivariable Calculus Hell
Subject: hang in there, michiko.....

Monday, January 29, 1996 12:07:35 AM
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Personal Response
hey, chick - does this scenario sound familiar? You're (one of) the top math student(s) in your (school/state/continent/planet), and you're coming into college feeling pretty good about your math ability, due to the many awards/good grades that you've received. You get your first test back - 64. ok, no sweat. just a little kick in the ass, you'll pull it up next exam. Next exam - 68. ok, no sweat. the final counts for 80% anyway, you'll just ace the final. You fail the final.......Rest assured that many of us are going through the same hell that you are ( i came into harvard thinking about being an applied math concentrator. i'm now concentrating in east asian studies. (a field, by the way, that i absolutely love. more people should major in things that they love.) if you ever need any moral support, i went through the same thing you did in both math and chem, and have the scars to prove it. hang tight - there's always next semester.. With love, carla
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