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From: NASAgirl (according to the Taskmaster)
Subject: Boston area peoples READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 11, 1995 7:27:26 PM
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Personal response
Okay, anyone in the Boston/Cambridge area (all you MIT, Boston University, WPI, and oh yeah, Harvard people) should have gotten email from James about the reunion this Saturday night (Dec. 16th). Please come! We'll even be graced with an appearance by our Williams extension of GSS, Dan Nehmad! In case you forgot, read this more than email, didn't recollect, didn't write it down - or just couldn't figure out what we're doing : the plans are, meet outside of the Harvard Square T station (the one next to the big newsstand) at 7:45. We'll head to dinner at 8:00 and then clubbing (at Venus de Milo's) at about 10:00. Join in at anytime - meet us wherever you can - but come! It'll be great - and if people don't show James and I may be forced to fill your dorm rooms with potatoes and jello (and we mean green jello!) See you all soon! Love, Steph
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