To: GSS 94 Newsgroup
From: Amitav Sen
Subject: spring break plan

Tuesday, February 21, 1995 7:47:59 PM
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Personal Response
Hello everyone. I hope that school and stuff is going well for everybody. About the spring break plan, if I could get some details about what everyone's plans are it would be great. I'm thinking that if anyone wanted to stay overnight (at Drew) Friday the 15 or Saturday the 16, between Laura's, Sue's, and my room we could probably put some of you guys up (of course i haven't asked them yet, oh well . . .) The thing is I need to know as soon as possible because we (the lacrosse team) are going to be in florida for spring training from the 8th to the 15th, so I have to organize everything before I leave. The game is on Saturday the 16 from 1 to 4. That gives us the rest of the day (and Sunday too depending on your scheduals) to do whatever. Like Christian said, I think we should get some plans down about this stuff so it doesn't fizzle like the winter break reunion. That's all from Drewland, byebye.
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