To: GSS 94 Newsgroup
From: Christian Stevenson
Subject: Good Plan!

Sunday, February 19, 1995 5:06:49 PM
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Personal Response
I'm all for a GSS reunion at Drew. Can I tell you how cool that'd be? We could go back to all the old places, sing the old songs, perform the old sacrifices, smear ourselves with barbecue sauce, and.... I don't want to excite anyone too much, so I'll leave it at that. But anyway. I'll be there, and if anyone else is interested and needs transportation from the Cherry Hill area (or anywhere between there and Drew) let me know. I'll have a car, and a few extra seats. [Announcer Voice] "Don't wait, call now! This is a limited offer that ends soon!" Cereally, though, get in touch quick so we can make plans, and this doesn't wind up like the Christmas break reunion that never happened. Enough of my babble, I have a date with Socrates and Multi-Variable Calc, so I'll say... Bye for now!
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